New APUSH Curriculum

As the summer and school year progresses, I will be creating new videos that allign with the new APUSH curriculum. Each key concept within the 9 new time periods will have its own video. To access the videos, and the PowerPoints, check out the tab at the top labeled “New AP Curriculum,” then click on the appropriate time period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at Thanks and good luck this year!


Henry Clay Poster!

In honor of my political hero, Henry Clay, my wife designed a poster for that I am now excited to sell. This poster measures 11 X 17 inches and will have a message written by me on the back of each one.  The cost of the poster is $15 and that includes shipping! (At this time, I can only ship to the United States.)  I will ship orders within 24 hours with a tracking number for you also. If you like Heny Clay, or have found my videos and website helpful, please purchase one by clicking HERE or on the store button above. (The poster you will receive will NOT have Proof written across it, nor will it have the Copyright info across it.) I appreciate everyone’s support and I hope you are enjoying summer.



Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your support throughout the year. I reached two huge milestones that I hoped to achieve at the beginning of the school year: 10,000 subscribers (I reached over 12,500) and 1,000,000 views (I reached over 1.2 million.) I really appreciate the views throughout the year. If my videos have helped, I’d love to hear, so please consider dropping a quick note. Best of luck next year. If you are taking AP Gov, make sure to stick around; I’m doing AP Gov videos starting this summer!


Presidents and Key Associations

Here are a couple resources that I have created for my students. The first one lists key achievements, events, laws, etc. associated with presidents in US History. You can download it here: Presidents key dates and terms

Here are flashcards I created based on frequently tested material. These are set up to print back-to-back, so please print accordingly. You can download them here: multiple choice AP tips f.c.

Which AP course should I do next?

As this year is quickly winding down, I am already planning ahead to this summer. I want to cover material for a new AP course, but I’m unsure which one to cover next. Possibilities include: European History, Government, World History, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics. Please vote at the link below. Whichever course receives the most votes, I will begin this summer. Thanks for all your support!


Hello Dominican Republic!

According to my blog stats, I have had over 300 visits from the Dominican Republic this month alone. That blows my mind that people from other countries are watching my videos. Thank you so much to EVERYONE that has been watching. I will have part II of my year end review up soon. If you did not see part I, check it out here:


Happy 237th Birthday to Henry Clay!

Henry Clay is without question, one of the most influential politicians from the 19th century. Having a career that spanned 5 decades in the federal government, his contributions are second to none. As a member of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Secretary of State, Clay’s policies were instrumental in shaping the direction of the country. His American System (2nd Bank of the US, Internal Improvements, and Tariffs) helped develop the young US economy. His three compromises allowed cooler heads to prevail in both the North and the South. Why should APUSH students know Henry Clay? His American System and 3 Compromises (1820, 1833, and 1850) appear often on the APUSH exam.